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Home Automation Systems Integration by Innovative Audio Visual

Imagine being able to control your lighting, the temperature, the audio/video and security at the touch of a button. Imagine your home being able to check if the garage doors are closed after midnight and closing them if they were left open. Imagine a home smart enough to sense when it has rained and not to turn on the sprinkler systems. Imagine creating a scene that will wake you up to your favorite music, ramp up the lights slowly and make sure you coffee is fresh and ready to go.

Do you constantly search for the right remote for the right task from the pile of remotes on your coffee table? Do you have to teach everyone how to use the equipment and spend hour’s resetting it after someone hit the wrong button?

Innovative Audio-Visual has the solution to all of these and more. Whether you outfit your home with the ultimate automation with touch panels in your walls or a simple remote for your entertainment system that anyone can easily use! Contact Innovative Audio-Visual for more information about helping you design and install a home automation system that allows for seamless integration for years to come.

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Dedicated Home Theaters

Families need a place to bond and to grow closer together. Having a dedicated home theater system from Innovative Audio Visual is a reliable and fun place to bond with your family. It is a place where you can gather together to watch the big games- friends, drinks, snacks, children- all are welcome! It is a place where you can snuggle up and hunker down on the long winter days- spent watching movies- only getting up to refill the popcorn! It is a place where you can connect with what is happening with the rest of the world, or block the rest of the world out.

Home theaters are places where families laugh and cry together and they turn the modern house into a home. At Innovative Audio Visual, we are happy to create, design and install the perfect home theater system to suit the needs of your family. With all of the elements that go into putting a custom home theater together, it can be quite complex and difficult.  But with Innovative Audio Visual’s highly trained team of technicians on the job using some of the finest brands in the industry, our customers end up with a system that is easy to use and delivers world class entertainment.

If you can imagine it, if you can envision it, if you can dream it…..we can create it.

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Custom Media Rooms

From the Simple to the Extravagant, Innovative Audio Visual will work with you to design the media room of your dreams. Based in Erie, PA, Innovative brings local, quality media room installation to the forefront. With years of A/V experience, we're the team for you!

HDMI, 1080p, 4K, LCD, 5.1 or 7.1, etc. Are these terms you should be familiar with? Not necessarily... but they are still each very important to the setup of today’s entertainment rooms.That’s exactly why we are here to help. With technicians educated on the very latest in audio and video technology, we are well equipped to meet your Media Room needs.

Whether your looking for an aestetic seemless install of a large LCD over the fireplace or simply wanting that perfect surround sound experience, we are the one to call. Television size, speaker setup, component capabilities, remote programming, and more are all taken into account to deliver the Media Room that will blow you away.

Innovative Audio Visual can design and install the media room you've always dreamed of! Quality picture, sound, and entertainment is just a phone call away - (814) 454-1400

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Multi Room Audio

Do you like to listen to your favorite music throughout the day? Tired of moving that large clunky audio system where every you go?

At Innovative Audio Visual we have the solution for you. Audio and video distribution allows for your favorite media to be played in various places throughout your home.

Whether you want to listen to the news in the morning in the shower, back ground music during dinner in the dining room, rock out in the kitchen while cooking, or entertain guests with an outdoor landscape audio system while by the pool or roasting marshmallows over the fire.

Multi-room audio should be convenient and simple to use. We will design a system that will allow you to listen to anything you want in the room that you are in. The days of walking to the den to change the song or adjust the volume are over; these systems today allow you to adjust everything from a simple in room controller (tablet, phone, or dedicated controller). Everyone has different music tastes, that is why we make every room independent. That’s right; you can listen to what you want in the room that you’re in while the other areas can listen to what they want.

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Outdoor Living

It is time to make the most of your entire property and start utilizing the space you have outside! According to many lifestyle experts, the best way to enjoy your home is to use all of the space you have, but there are thousands of families that sadly do not.

Innovative Audio Visual is dedicated to delivering you systems that will increase your satisfaction and enjoyment of your home and garden! Outdoor lighting is probably one of the most beneficial features you can add to your property. Along with making your home safer, it can provide aesthetic appeal not only outside, but also from inside your home. It creates a comforting environment rather than a black canvas while on a very low cost per light basis. Outdoor music systems are very effective and can turn any outdoor event such as a barbeque into a party! Easily control all of your outdoor music from a single device and turn the volume up or down in order to suit the mood.

We offer a wide range of products and services that will extend the time you spend in your yard all year round! The patios we build are sturdy and customizable so that we can create the right fit for your home. The patio furniture we offer is durable and weather proof.  Our pergolas and patio covers will protect your deck and furniture from damage from any harsh elements and extend your good weather. At Innovative Audio Visual, we want to make your whole house- even your back yard- a place that you call home!

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Lighting Control

When you have a lighting control system installed by Innovative Audio Visual, you are taking control of far more than just your lighting, you are also taking control of your home, your energy savings, and your peace of mind.

Having effective lighting control is not only visually pleasing as it adds so much to the mood and setting of your home, it also adds to the safety of your home. With lighting control solutions from Innovative Audio Visual, you can access all of your lighting remotely meaning that you can turn on the driveway lights before you have left the office so that you can arrive home safely. You can also turn lights on and off remotely to achieve “mock occupancy” while you are on holiday.

Our lighting solutions are also very efficient for energy savings, as you can have an accurate measure of which lights you are using, for how long and how much energy they are using so that you can make adjustments accordingly. The peace of mind that all of this gives you is tremendous. As all of the lighting systems can be controlled by any smart phone, tablet or desktop, you can have total control from anywhere. Never get that sinking feeling after you have left home, wondering if you remembered to turn the lights off- now you can!

Innovative Audio Visual has a team of highly trained technicians who will install all of your lighting control systems quickly and seamlessly so that you can take back control as soon as possible!

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Shade Control

Shade control systems from Innovative Audio Visual are the perfect addition to any busy household. Because they are motorized, they can be controlled from any smart phone, tablet or desktop- adding the ultimate convenience. This means that you can do so from anywhere- be it from the office, or from your vacation! Blocking out harmful UV light is only one of their features, but it adds years of life and value to your expensive furnishings such as couches, paintings and carpets. They can be programmed to raise and lower automatically at specific times of the day, so you can achieve the best look in your rooms at all times. They can also be programmed to raise and lower automatically at specific times of year so that you can keep the sun out during summers and let it pour in during the winter months.

Along with all of the protection our motorized shade control offers you, our solutions also come in a wide variety of elegant materials and designs for you to choose from so that you can have the perfect fit in your home. Our automated shading systems are also silent and reliable so that you will never be disturbed by noisy motors.

Our team of highly trained technicians will install all motorized shade control solutions into your home quickly and seamlessly so that you can begin enjoying them in no time. At Innovative Audio Visual, we guarantee that they will make a valuable addition to your home!

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Security and Camera Systems

Your home is you largest investment and protects your most important asset, your family. So why not protect your home with a state of the art security system or camera system for Innovative Audio Visual, LLC. A home is a place where you and your family should feel safe and with the advancements in technology today makes it easier than ever to have that necessary sence of security.

Innovative Audio Visual has partnered with and Interlogix to bring our customers the most interactive, convenient, user friendly security systems available. Forgot to secure your house? No Problem, use your smart phone or tablet to arm, turn lights on and off, unlock doors, close the garage, and monitor the status of your whole house. Every member is able to have a unique code that will enable you to receive notifications of who, and when entered the premises. If you forgot to secure the property our systems use geo locations and can notify the owner the property is not secure within a certain distance away.

We have compiled some of the most advanced and reliable products available. Innovative Audio Visual will custom design your security system to fit your personal needs.

Use the camera at the front door to see who is there without going to the door. Monitor the baby’s room from another room with out disturbing them. View every aspect of your house while at work, on vacation or just out for dinner.

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ISF Video Calibration

At Innovative Audio Visual we have taken the time to become ISF certified video calibrators. We use the most advanced calibration equipment to ensure your picture looks as accurate as possible.

If you want to get the most out of your video system, whether it’s a direct-view TV, a rear projector, or a front projection system, it should be calibrated. Calibration is a process of accessing internal settings that determine the color accuracy and ultimate image quality of the picture you see.

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Outdoor AV Lifestyles

Having a smart home means the outside can be smart too! Play your favorite music from discreet rock speakers around the pool, patio, or gazebo. Take full advantage of your home's space by being able to entertain throughout your home and your entire property. At Innovative Audio Visual, we have a range of quality audio and speaker brands to give your outdoor area the crystal clear sound that can perfect any family night in or gathering.

You will absolutely love the lifestyle enhancement a professionally installed outdoor entertainment system will bring. Call us today to consult on your Erie home's new landscape audio system.

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