Multi Room Audio

Do you like to listen to your favorite music throughout the day? Tired of moving that large clunky audio system where every you go?

At Innovative Audio Visual we have the solution for you. Audio and video distribution allows for your favorite media to be played in various places throughout your home.

Whether you want to listen to the news in the morning in the shower, back ground music during dinner in the dining room, rock out in the kitchen while cooking, or entertain guests with an outdoor landscape audio system while by the pool or roasting marshmallows over the fire.

Multi-room audio should be convenient and simple to use. We will design a system that will allow you to listen to anything you want in the room that you are in. The days of walking to the den to change the song or adjust the volume are over; these systems today allow you to adjust everything from a simple in room controller (tablet, phone, or dedicated controller). Everyone has different music tastes, that is why we make every room independent. That’s right; you can listen to what you want in the room that you’re in while the other areas can listen to what they want.

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James Loudspeaker Custom Home

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