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It is time to make the most of your entire property and start utilizing the space you have outside! According to many lifestyle experts, the best way to enjoy your home is to use all of the space you have, but there are thousands of families that sadly do not.

Innovative Audio Visual is dedicated to delivering you systems that will increase your satisfaction and enjoyment of your home and garden! Outdoor lighting is probably one of the most beneficial features you can add to your property. Along with making your home safer, it can provide aesthetic appeal not only outside, but also from inside your home. It creates a comforting environment rather than a black canvas while on a very low cost per light basis. Outdoor music systems are very effective and can turn any outdoor event such as a barbeque into a party! Easily control all of your outdoor music from a single device and turn the volume up or down in order to suit the mood.

We offer a wide range of products and services that will extend the time you spend in your yard all year round! The patios we build are sturdy and customizable so that we can create the right fit for your home. The patio furniture we offer is durable and weather proof.  Our pergolas and patio covers will protect your deck and furniture from damage from any harsh elements and extend your good weather. At Innovative Audio Visual, we want to make your whole house- even your back yard- a place that you call home!

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