Residential Networking

Residential Networking Solutions

Juggling multiple devices between work, entertainment, and smart home gadgets can strain your home's network. Imagine having a home network as robust and reliable as a large office building or university campus. With residential networking solutions built using enterprise-grade equipment, you can experience that reality. This advanced approach goes beyond the limitations of typical home routers, offering fast speeds, expansive Wi-Fi coverage, and robust security features - all designed to support the growing demands of today's connected homes. The best network will remain out of sight and out of mind. Let us show you why our networking solutions can enhance your home!

Connecting Your Home

A home network is a system that links together all of your devices, allowing them to access the Internet and communicate with one another. With this network, you can easily share files, printers, and an Internet connection among various devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Wired networks utilize ethernet cables to establish direct connections between devices and a router, ensuring the most stable and secure connection possible. If a wired connection isn’t possible, our advanced Wi-Fi solutions will provide the next best option, keeping you connected anywhere in your home.

Residential networking systems transform your home into a hub of connectivity and convenience. Sharing files and printers becomes a breeze, streaming movies on your TV or playing games online is effortless, and you can even leverage the network for smart home integration, creating a truly automated living experience.


Optimizing Wi-Fi Strength

Beyond bandwidth limitations, various factors can hinder your home Wi-Fi signal, including seemingly innocuous elements like mirrors, windows, water tanks, and interior design choices. These obstacles can weaken the signal strength, impacting overall performance. We address this challenge by strategically placing additional discreet access points throughout your home. At Innovative Audio Visual, we utilize hardwired access points, ensuring a stable and robust connection in every corner of your living space. This comprehensive approach mitigates the impact of signal-disrupting factors, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your home network.

Network Expertise You Can Trust

We hold PCNA and Sophos Firewall certifications, meaning you can trust our expertise in building robust networks. The PCNA (Professional Certified Network Administrator) certification verifies our in-depth knowledge of network components like switches, routers, access points, remote management, and design principles. Likewise, our Sophos Firewall certification ensures we can utilize the firewall’s advanced features to keep your network safe.


Stream, Collaborate, and Access with Ease

Residential network solutions unlock digital sharing within your home. Share photos and videos captured on your phone with family members instantly. Your family can collaborate on documents and presentations, accessing them from any networked computer. Large files like music libraries or home videos can even be shared via the network, eliminating the need for bulky external drives. With a residential network, your home becomes a collaborative and accessible space for everyone.


Design and Optimization

We offer a range of residential networking solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our network design service evaluates your home’s layout to propose the most suitable network setup, ensuring comprehensive coverage to accommodate your device needs. Our experienced technicians will then install the system with minimal disruption to you.

Additionally, we specialize in wireless network optimization, troubleshooting, and enhancing your existing Wi-Fi network to eliminate dead zones and guarantee robust signal strength throughout your residence. We provide structured cabling services, facilitating the installation of ethernet cables throughout your home for a more resilient and future-proof network infrastructure, particularly beneficial for bandwidth-intensive activities such as gaming and streaming.

Unleash the Power of Connectivity

A robust home network brings many benefits that enhance both connectivity and convenience within your household. These advantages promise improved connectivity and ensure seamless Internet access across all your devices regardless of where you are in your home. With a strong network foundation, you can enjoy fewer dead zones while effortlessly browsing the Web, steaming your favorite shows, working from home, and participating in other online activities. Enhance your entertainment experience and enjoy increased productivity and smoother online communication.

Additionally, a home network opens the door to seamless smart home integration, allowing you to effortlessly connect and manage your smart devices for a more convenient and automated living experience. Whether it’s controlling your thermostat, lighting, security cameras, or other connected appliances, a robust network infrastructure lays the foundation for a seamlessly interconnected home, where devices communicate and collaborate to simplify your daily routines and enhance overall comfort and efficiency.


Future Proof Your Home

By future-proofing your system, you can ensure it can handle the ever-growing demands of technology. Considering factors like using the latest cabling standards to support faster data transfer speeds is a big part of future-proofing. The benefits are clear: a smoother, more reliable network experience for everyone in your household, no matter how many devices you connect or how technology evolves. Avoid the hassle and expense of constantly upgrading your network as your requirements change.

Network Security for the Modern Home

Security is a paramount concern when it comes to residential networking. These solutions connect a multitude of devices, some potentially containing sensitive information. Additionally, keeping your router firmware up-to-date and using complex passwords for your network and individual devices strengthens your overall security posture. Our expertise extends to network security using advanced configurations with stable firewalls and encryption protocols to defend your network against potential online threats, safeguarding your devices and data. By implementing these measures, you can enjoy the convenience of a connected home with the confidence of a secure environment.

Home office with networking system

Access Networks

Our collaboration with Access Networks ensures a strong and dependable network foundation for your smart home. Their innovative platform guarantees seamless compatibility between all your integrated devices, enhancing overall system efficiency and laying the groundwork for exceptional smart home functionality. Standard commercially available all-in-one routers may struggle to efficiently manage the various devices in your smart home, leading to bandwidth throttling, device disconnections, or network instability. Access Networks’ patented BeamFlex Technology offers performance comparable to large corporations, ensuring your smart home network can seamlessly handle all your connected devices. This extra performance translates into a reliable and high-performance experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade networking in the comfort of your home.

Simplified Setup and Management

We prioritize a streamlined experience for our clients. Partnering with Access Networks allows us to deliver comprehensive and user-friendly network solutions. Their packages include pre-configured hardware, remote management tools, and surge protection, all designed to simplify integration and ongoing network maintenance. With a unified network solution, you can effortlessly connect your custom-designed system and enjoy the benefits of a smart home.


Tailored to Your Needs

Both the Innovative Audio Visual and Access Networks teams understand the importance of flexibility. We offer solutions designed to meet your specific home networking requirements. Whether your goal is top-tier networking equipment or establishing a secure and reliable network, we can provide the necessary tools and expertise. Access Networks diligently tests all products, ensuring compatibility and optimal functionality within your customized network.

Unwavering Performance and Support

Access Networks prioritizes ongoing research and development to ensure their solutions utilize the latest advancements in networking technology. Through rigorous testing and deployment, they curate the most effective networking products. By leveraging this expertise, we can provide you with a future-proof, high-performance home network solution.


Uninterrupted Network Operation

Our partnership with Access Networks guarantees proactive network management. Their advanced monitoring tools detect and address potential network issues before they can disrupt your smart home experience. Additionally, the high system visibility allows for swift remote troubleshooting and resolution. Our team will collaborate with Access Networks to ensure a prompt and efficient resolution if an on-site visit is needed. Access Networks’ commitment to performance and security provides peace of mind, knowing your smart home network is always in good hands.

What our Customers are Saying

Innovative AV has done several large projects for me. The final costs were just as quoted and the systems were installed neatly, professionally, and worked as expected. Any issues (a system this large will have a few issues) we have had since were handled quickly, including Dave visiting us at odd hours for our 24/7 operation. Dave knows his business and directed us to a system that was within our budget and worked just as we wanted. I plan to continue to upgrade and expand our system in the near future with Innovative AV.

Bill Syrek, Director 
Presque Isle Downs & Casino - Erie, PA

Excellent work and extremely neat!

Chris Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will a home network system be strong enough to handle my professional work-from-home position?

    Yes! While a standard store-bought router might struggle to support all your devices, Access Networks' advanced routers with BeamFlex technology bring enterprise-level capabilities into your home. Our network systems include Sophos firewall protection to ensure your network is safe and secure.

  • Why should I invest in a home network?

    Investing in a home network elevates your entertainment opportunities and allows a more secure environment for work-from-home jobs. Don’t wait; if you invest now, your home and family will have access to the best features available!

  • Will I need to upgrade my current smart devices?

    No upgrades are necessary! We will design your network to enhance the productivity of the devices, like TVs, gaming consoles, or smart home systems, that you currently own. However, our team will be happy to help should you want to upgrade.

Why Us?

At Innovative Audio Visual, we understand the importance of a reliable and secure home network in today’s digital world. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians provide customized solutions for your needs and budget. We utilize only the best networking equipment from trusted brands to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting reliability.

Our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond the initial installation. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, offering guidance and support before, during, and after installation.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of an enterprise-grade home network? Contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your needs and recommend the perfect solution to keep your household connected and functioning flawlessly.

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