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Imagine being able to control your lighting, the temperature, the audio/video and security at the touch of a button. Imagine your home being able to check if the garage doors are closed after midnight and closing them if they were left open. Imagine a home smart enough to sense when it has rained and not to turn on the sprinkler systems. Imagine creating a scene that will wake you up to your favorite music, ramp up the lights slowly and make sure you coffee is fresh and ready to go.

Do you constantly search for the right remote for the right task from the pile of remotes on your coffee table? Do you have to teach everyone how to use the equipment and spend hour’s resetting it after someone hit the wrong button?

Innovative Audio-Visual has the solution to all of these and more. Whether you outfit your home with the ultimate automation with touch panels in your walls or a simple remote for your entertainment system that anyone can easily use! Contact Innovative Audio-Visual for more information about helping you design and install a home automation system that allows for seamless integration for years to come.

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