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Commercial Networking Solutions

Today, it’s essential to stay connected, especially in your company. We have the expertise to properly plan, install, and configure various types of networking, ensuring the final result is a well-secured and efficient operating network. No matter how many devices you need, your system will be strong enough for whatever the future brings. If you want an enterprise-grade network powerful enough to support your daily routines and more, contact us today!

What is Networking?

Networking is the service that allows devices to communicate with other devices. More commonly understood, networking is how the Internet is made available to users. There are both wired and wireless networking solutions that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. Structured wiring is an approach to organizing your cabling and running it back to a central location. This method gives your business the technology backbone that provides the infrastructure for all your company’s technology.

If you’re unsure of what networking solution will work best for your organization, don’t fret. Our team can help you determine the best solution and implement it promptly. Contact us today for any other questions you may have!


Certified for Success

Our team is PCNA and Sophos Firewall certified. The PCNA (Professional Certified Network Administrator) qualification validates our knowledge and skills in network building, switches and routers, wireless access points, remote monitoring and management, and network design. Additionally, the Sophos Firewall certification demonstrates that we can effectively employ the advanced features provided by the firewall to secure your network.

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Benefits of Networking for Commercial Properties

Enterprise-grade networking solutions are vital for your company to ensure seamless communication and collaboration, data accessibility and security, scalability and flexibility, disaster recovery and business continuity, and enhanced customer experience. They also allow you and your employees to enjoy wireless connections, reduced or eliminated dead zones, and stable connections. Let’s examine how robust networking can solve some stressors and advance your business.


Security & Surveillance Integration

Networking solutions allow seamless integration of security measures, including surveillance cameras, video recorders, and access control systems. Networking solutions not only protect your data and information but can also help ensure your employees remain safe.


Solid Internet Connection

In addition to your AV or automation devices, your employees probably have devices like phones, computers, or tablets that will benefit from a reliable Internet connection. The best results come from aiming higher than you think you need now but don’t settle for less than 100Mbps. Business growth and advancements could require extra padding for stable and reliable connections.

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No Confusing Administrative Tasks

Most Wi-Fi systems include a mobile app with instructions to install your system and include suggestions for placing your nodes for optimized coverage. The smart system will automatically select the best Wi-Fi channel and radio band for maximum performance, so your wireless connection will remain strong no matter where you are in the building. You can continue to manage your system with your smartphone, whether you decide to limit Wi-Fi access to particular devices, give specific devices network priority, or adjust your wireless security settings without logging into a confusing admin profile. Additionally, these systems usually install updates automatically, so you won't have to check your app to see what you've missed.


Local Area Network

A local area network (LAN) is a collection of devices connected to one physical location, such as a building or office. A LAN allows devices to share things like Internet access, printers, file servers, and other resources. Cisco shares that the rise of virtualization has also fueled the development of virtual LANs, which enable network administrators to logically group network nodes and partition their networks without a need for major infrastructure changes. For example, in an office with multiple departments, such as accounting, IT support, and administration, each department’s computers could be logically connected to the same switch but segmented to behave as if they are separate.


Better Coverage in Bigger Buildings

Large buildings, multi-story buildings, or a sprawling campus can bring extensive problems to your network. Businesses typically invest in commercial networking when those problems begin affecting operations. Dedicated wired networking to troublesome spots can help solve those challenges without creating new ones. With a well-designed network, employees and visitors will have stronger and more consistent Wi-Fi without the hassle of needing to sign into new networks as they move through the building. Don’t let the size of your business become a liability. There’s no more avoiding the conference room in the warehouse; business can commence!

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Businesses and organizations deal with large amounts of private information regarding employees, customers, financial records and reports, and even intellectual property. A well-planned networking solution can ensure this information remains accessible yet confidential. In a natural disaster or cyber-attack, proper backups will reduce downtime and ensure your secure data is recoverable. Robust network security protocols, firewalls, and encryption techniques safeguard businesses and engender trust among customers and stakeholders.

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Scalability and Future Proofing

Copper cabling for infrastructure wiring has been used widely, but now these systems show limitations. A transition to a fiber-based infrastructure will provide you with virtually no limits for higher demands from multiple users in all environments. Fiber optic cabling brings many advantages, such as lower attenuation, superior longevity, and higher speeds. Additionally, fiber optic cables provide 1,000 times as much bandwidth as copper. In copper wiring, 500MHz of bandwidth can be used at distances up to 100 meters before significant degradation occurs. Fiber optic links, on the other hand, can use the same bandwidth over as much as a kilometer or can operate at even higher bandwidths (e.g., 1GHz) for somewhat shorter distances (e.g., 500 meters). For this reason, fiber optic cabling is the best option for scaling your existing business or future-proofing your new one.

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Access Networks

Our partners at Access Networks have created a robust network platform that enables all components of an integration project to work flawlessly together. Their solutions enhance our efficiency and empower us to deliver exceptionally reliable smart solutions. Together, we provide a trusted experience as we focus our expertise on high-performance, enterprise-grade networking solutions for the automated environment.


Streamlined Integration

Our goals, along with Access Networks as a trusted partner, are to make your day-to-day business life more efficient. We work together to deliver the most complete, plug-and-play network possible, including remote management tools, surge protection, and ongoing support. When brought together, the network is simplified into a unified solution, streamlining the integration process while increasing efficiency. You can plug in your custom-designed, pre-configured hardware and continue business as usual.

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Flexible Solutions

Access Networks and Innovative Audio Visual are your outsourced IT teams, as we have developed solutions to meet your specific needs. If obtaining exceptional enterprise-grade networking equipment is your goal, we make it accessible. Every product purchased through Access Networks is quality tested, updated with the latest tested firmware, and configured with custom settings specific to your needs.


Performance Driven Solutions

Access Networks’ designers and engineers are constantly researching innovations and advances in networking technology. Based on extensive testing and thousands of deployments, they continuously evaluate and select the most capable networking products to include in their solutions. Through our partnership, we capitalize on their research and innovation to supply you with the best possible networking solution.


Ongoing Support

Access Networks will have your back if your networking system is having issues, typically before you ever know. Active monitoring catches hiccups before they happen. The inherent visibility of the systems allows them to quickly diagnose any issues on the network remotely, leading to the fastest possible resolution. Though rare, if there is a situation that needs more extensive support than remote, our team at Innovative Audio Visual will collaborate with Access Networks for an on-site resolution. Access Networks guarantees performance and security when using their products.

What our Customers are Saying

I cannot say enough great things about Innovative Audio. We have been so impressed by the work they have done for us. Plus, the level of service Dave provides to his customers is unmatched.

Michael Nedreski

Outstanding response time and GREAT personality. Thank you for the super job and fix!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you install a robust network for my large business?

    Yes! We can handle small, medium, large, and enterprise-level networking.

  • Why should I invest in a better commercial network?

    Enterprise-grade networking solutions ensure data accessibility, disaster recovery, stable connections, scalability, and many other benefits. Investing in these solutions can better the success and longevity of your business. Don't wait to enjoy the newest speeds, security, and performance of Wi-Fi 6 and the upcoming Wi-Fi 7. Upgrade your system now and lock in years of the best features available!

  • What can my devices access via the network?

    Networking systems allow devices to share an Internet connection, files, printers, and access to other resources, including security and surveillance.

Our Process

Before we begin, we will meet with you to discuss your needs and propose the right features to fit your requirements and budget. Once we have decided on a program that will best meet your unique standards, we’ll start designing it. Effective systems integration requires careful and extensive planning, layout, and design. There are many elements to a professionally designed system, many of which are behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, every part of the system design is crucial to the quality and success of the final product.

After designing the system, we will run the wiring for communications between all your systems from a central location carefully positioned within your business. The project truly begins to take shape during the installation process. The careful planning allows our team to connect the devices to the correct wiring in the walls.

Our extended maintenance programs provide ongoing and preventative maintenance, system upgrades, and consultation on innovations. These services, in tandem, ensure that each customer’s system continues to function reliably and that you enjoy all the benefits. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation!


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