Lighting Control

Convenience, Security, Energy Savings & More

When you have a lighting control system installed by Innovative Audio Visual, you are taking control of far more than just your lighting, you are also taking control of your home, your energy savings, and your peace of mind.

Having effective lighting control is not only visually pleasing as it adds so much to the mood and setting of your home, it also adds to the safety of your home. With lighting control solutions from Innovative Audio Visual, you can access all of your lighting remotely meaning that you can turn on the driveway lights before you have left the office so that you can arrive home safely. You can also turn lights on and off remotely to achieve “mock occupancy” while you are on holiday.

Our lighting solutions are also very efficient for energy savings, as you can have an accurate measure of which lights you are using, for how long and how much energy they are using so that you can make adjustments accordingly. The peace of mind that all of this gives you is tremendous. As all of the lighting systems can be controlled by any smart phone, tablet or desktop, you can have total control from anywhere. Never get that sinking feeling after you have left home, wondering if you remembered to turn the lights off- now you can!

Our team of highly trained technicians will install all of your lighting control systems quickly and seamlessly so that you can take back control as soon as possible!

Introducing Lutron Homeworks

Discover unparalleled total home control. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive homes, seamlessly integrates the control of electric lights and daylight, as well as integrates with audio/visual, security, and HVAC systems. When you choose HomeWorks QS, you’re investing in a system that will redefine your way of living.


Transform your space with beautifully designed Architectural and Designer keypad styles, a variety of keypad button configurations, and faceplates in an assortment of colors, finishes, and materials.

Create just the right light for any activity or set moods in specific areas of your home—all at the touch of a button.

Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology sets the bar for reliability, so you can trust your system will work with precision and accuracy every time you use it.

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