Each year, more automated home solutions are released to the consumer market with promises to streamline your lifestyle. But many homeowners may find themselves overwhelmed by the subtle differences in the sheer number of options. RTI home automation simplifies the solution by centralizing all your entertainment, security, lighting, HVAC, and electronics into one user-friendly interface. Whether you opt for an in-wall control panel or a wireless device, RTI products promise flexibility that fits each homeowner's unique needs. At Innovative Audio Visual, we offer RTI touch panels, multi-remotes, and system control that allow you to combine different products and systems into one screen. Here's why we choose to partner with RTI.

Controlling your RTI system

RTI's automation products are highly cost-effective solutions that unify your whole-home audio, security systems, and lighting solutions under one umbrella. With an RTI system, you can experience a variety of control options that are unique to a type of room, like energy efficiency in the kitchen or surround sound in your home theater. It's possible to control nearly any part of your home, so you can turn off the lights, close the blinds, and set up your security system from the comfort of your bed.

There are a plethora of control options for your home. With eleven different-sized key panels and touchscreens, seven types of remote controls, and three different Apple, Android, and Windows paired apps, it's easy for you to take command of your household.  No matter which control device you choose, users can enjoy a 2-way information feedback system through a stunning graphic interface. You can better understand the individual rooms of your home through data collection, including light scene settings or alarm status.  On-screen video integration allows you to monitor the activity on your CCTV cameras directly from your touch screen or paired app. No matter how many compatible brands you have, RTI can centralize them under one system.

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Taking Movie Night to a New Level

RTI is prepared to gift you the ultimate cinematic experience from the comfort of your home. Custom menus make it easy to operate your movie source, projector, lighting, and screen from one interface. The touch of a button on the T4X Remote Control will launch you into the next superhero film with the ability to adjust your volume levels and screen brightness to fit your entertainment needs.

Soaking up the Sun Outdoors

The comforts of your home can extend to your backyard with RTI technology. Audio and video distributors allow you to play music next to your pool or watch the big game from your patio. For example, VEX100-18G-KIT HDBaseT Extender Kit extends your video, audio, and network control up to 100m without the need for extra cables, so you can elevate your outdoor dining experience like never before.

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Bringing the Dance Party to the Whole Home

Music has the power to set the mood of your household. Imagine music playing in every room of your household, whether it’s a Pandora radio station or Spotify playlist. Listening to your favorite tunes is easier than ever with the RTI MS-3 Music Streamer, which plays music in your desired rooms with a few taps, allowing for three concurrent streams. While you listen to music in the kitchen, your spouse can enjoy tunes in the office, and your kids can relax to their favorite album in the game room.

Creating a Personalized Mood for Every Occasion

The touch of a button controls all your indoor and outdoor lighting and shades with the RTI Z-Wave Dimmer, which creates the proper atmosphere for every occasion. You’ll be able to cook, read, and entertain guests under the perfect illumination with accessory dimmer models that control up to 5 devices and wirelessly pair multiple switches to control lights.

Relaxing with Peace of Mind

RTI solutions extend to keeping your family safe and secure. Whether you want to arrive home to a well-lit house or check in with your family members, RTI has you covered. It's easy to check your CCTV camera feed on the KA11 touchpanel’s 11.6" widescreen display to ensure that your latest package made it safely to your front door.

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Saving Money with Energy Efficiency

Did you know you can save both money and energy with RTI solutions? All your devices can be monitored and automatically powered down when not in use, leading to bigger savings. The 2-way feedback of RTI systems collects data on usage to communicate with your thermostat, lighting, and electronics to save power. It’s easy to check and turn off your devices even when you’re far from away through the paired app on your smartphone or PC.

RTI Custom Home Automation

Innovative Audio Visual is an approved dealer and installer of Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) products. The company's range of award-winning in-wall and handheld devices, central processors, distribution systems, and accessories are available exclusively through a network of professional integrators. Contact us today to bring the power of RTI to your household.