Spring has finally sprung, and everyone is ready to celebrate warmer days and longer nights. With the addition of a whole-home audio system, you’ll be able to take the festivities to new heights, whether you’re busting out the BBQ or hosting your extended family for Easter celebrations. Here are Innovative Audio Visual’s favorite ways to celebrate the season with whole-home audio.

Spread the Music to Every Room

Do you want to find an easy way to improve the relationships between your friends and family? By playing classic tunes throughout your home with multi-room audio, you can improve everyone's mood. Perhaps your current musical setup has different speakers and systems in just a few rooms. This creates "dead zones" of audio, separating anyone outside of those rooms from the fun. However, a whole-home audio system brings everyone to the party by spanning the audio across each room with ease. There's no need to install a full stereo system in every room; one quality speaker hidden in the wall or sitting atop a bookshelf per room suffices for a basic setup. You can adjust the volume on your go-to music streaming app on your phone and choose which speakers to sync to your current song. Now you’re ready to host company for a dance party or a relaxing evening.

Extend the Party to your Backyard

As the warmth of the spring sunshine beckons you outdoors, it makes sense to extend your whole-home audio system to your backyard as well. We can install speakers under your patio, weatherproofed "rock" speakers that blend in next to your hot tub, or other outdoor solutions that pair well with your favorite activities. Your speakers' sound can reach the edge of your property so even your friends playing a round of mini-golf can hear the music. When you sync your exterior and interior speakers, you can continue enjoying the same song as you move to and from the yard. Alternatively, you can set different moods for outside and inside by playing different songs altogether.

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Enjoy Different Media Content

A whole-home audio system goes beyond listening to music. Breathe deep to the sound of calming ocean waves or ambient birdsong as you lounge in a hammock outside, or enjoy your current audiobook as you decorate the house for Easter. Your audio system can guide you through a meditation session or educate you through your favorite science podcast. But perhaps the best part of your audio system is that multiple people and sources can use the system at the same time. So if you want to listen to the news while you make lunch in the kitchen, your daughter can listen to music in her bedroom, while your spouse listens to a podcast on your patio. Your customization options are endless!

Grant Control to Every Family Member

You'll soon find that your whole-home audio system is easy to operate by any member of the family. You can control your music from any mobile device, voice assistant, or a centralized wall panel, so the most elderly grandparent can ask the system to play their favorite album in the living room, while your child can use the tablet to listen to Baby Shark in their room. It's easy for you to add everyone's song requests to the queue on your cellphone or skip to the next tune on your smartwatch. If you need to pause the music to announce that dinner is ready, it's easy to do so in seconds with the touch of a button or a simple voice command, whether you need to lower the volume for a single room or the whole home.

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Choose from a Variety of Sources

With so many options available at our fingertips, why limit yourself to one streaming platform for your whole-home audio system. When a professional business-like Innovative Audio Visual designs and installs a centralized whole-home audio system, you get to explore more listening choices, including Spotify, YouTube, a turntable, and even gaming consoles! With a centralized control system, you get to choose which speakers you want to stream Sunday night football so no one misses the action even if you leave the room for a minute to refill your snack plate or take a bathroom break. There are so many ways to enjoy the full benefits of the superior sound quality of a whole-home audio system.

Experience the joy of hearing your favorite song, book, or podcast from the comfort of your bedroom to the edge of your backyard with a whole-home audio system. By bringing a quality entertainment system to your home, your entire family gets to benefit. Whether you'd like to install a whole new system or extend it to more rooms, contact our team at Innovative Audio Visual today to begin!