There are many benefits when your business invests in a permanent audio/visual system. You'll see more satisfied customers, engaged employees, and streamlined communication. But before you decide on all the features of your system, our team at Innovative Audio Visual suggests you consider these seven questions to ensure your business operates efficiently.

Are you installing an AV system into a new space or renovating an existing one?

There's a significant difference between the processes of renovating an existing space or installing in a new build. In a fresh space, your options are nearly endless since you'll have full customization of cabling, mounting, and electrical fittings as you see fit. However, if you're giving a facelift to an existing restaurant or bar, you have to consider the ways customers and employees use the space to ensure your new systems integrate with the existing infrastructure. Our team is excited to grant assistance and advice no matter what your options are!

What daily functions will your business perform?

We consider this to be the most important question so we can match your idealized space with the right audio/visual technology to build a productive and comfortable space. Here are some different scenarios you may be working with:

  • You want to renovate a small space to host special events in a private room.
  • You want to install large TVs for watching sporting events in your bar.
  • You'd like your new large restaurant to incorporate touchscreen digital menus and two separate audio systems for your employees in the kitchen and customers in the dining area.
  • You want your existing club to include multi-colored lights and a surround-sound system for a new dance floor.

Now that you've seen a range of daily functions and spaces, you realize how each piece of equipment must be carefully chosen for a specific purpose while remaining within your budget.

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What is the size and shape of your space?

By calculating the square footage and shape of your space, you can take irregular features such as a curved wall or circular support pillar into account. Next, consider how many people may use your space at once. Do you have any occupancy limit or a crowded kitchen? Keep in mind how many speakers and screens you may need so everyone can hear and communicate clearly. If you have a very large area or oddly shaped room, a member of our team may be able to conduct an in-person assessment of your site. Without properly examining your space, you run the risk of having the wrong technology for your site.

What type of audio quality is best for your needs?

Do you have a dance floor where people can salsa to loud music all night long? Or a fine dining establishment where background jazz is all you need to provide ambiance? Will your bartenders be able to hear customer orders over the sound of the big game? Do you want an audio system for your kitchen workers? Different spaces require different audio systems, from 11-channel surround sound with powerful subwoofers for your club to a single speaker in each corner of your café. 

How big is your budget?

No matter how big or small your budget is, you'll still have a variety of options for your commercial AV system. We suggest creating two different plans; the first is your dream situation with all the ideal bells and whistles, and the second is your most basic setup for daily functions. Usually, your budget is somewhere between these two categories of designer vs simple solutions. When we see your wish list of products and the way you want your business to function, we can assemble pricing options and an installation schedule so your top priorities are met.

Do you want an integrated system?

With an integrated system, you can combine your speakers, microphones, displays, and even lighting into a single unit. This is an ideal solution for businesses that require streamlined communication with minimal technical skills. This means it’s easy to shut off all your screens and lights with the touch of a button, pause the music to make an announcement, have lights that pulsate with the music, and more. It’s easy to customize your AV system to fit your unique business goals.

Will the system be obsolete in a few years?

Not if we can help it! In the modern age, technology solutions are always changing. Even if your budget can't accommodate the newest touchscreen tech on the market, we incorporate solutions that make your system feel fresh as the years go by. We help our clients get the most out of their money to enjoy our solutions for as long as possible. We install top-quality and popular hardware that will remain compatible with future add-ons like control panels, so you continue saving money if you decide you want more upgrades in the future.

Here at Innovative Audio Visual, we provide cutting-edge audio/visual solutions for residences and businesses alike. If you're looking to upgrade your restaurant, bar, or even office with the newest technology capability, contact us today to get started!