Nationwide, automated home solutions are becoming the preference for homeowners who understand it's simple to automate nearly every function of the home. Motorized shade control is a fast-growing market that promises efficiency and ease in adjusting light and heat inside your home. Here are Innovative Audio Visual's top six reasons why shade control should be your newest Erie home automation solution.


Although it may not seem like an overly time-consuming task to raise, lower, open, or close your blinds by hand, frequent changes or needing to adjust every window in the house can quickly add up. Some family members may struggle with tangled or stubborn blinds that will not move correctly. Instead, it's possible to adjust all the shades in your home simultaneously! We offer motorized shades from partners like Lutron, which allow you to control your motorized blinds through an app on a mobile device or a centralized touch panel in your home. Take the convenience further by programming particular "scenes" that adjust shades at specific times. If you forget to close the blinds before bed or before leaving the house, your system has your back.


With our shading solutions, you'll instantly notice a difference in the comfort of your home. Program your motorized blinds to open in silence around 6 am so you can awaken to natural morning light instead of a jarring alarm. If the sunlight glares harshly through your living room, the touch of a button will close them to protect your eyes. Alternatively, welcome a rare sunny day in the wintertime by raising all your shades to bask in the golden glow. We have shades that will fit any homeowner's preferences and budget.

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Did you know motorized shading is also a security solution? Protect your home's assets and family members by programming your shades to open and close at set times throughout the day, even if there's no one home. This simulates an occupied home, which will discourage potential intruders from targeting your home. Furthermore, if you have any valuable assets sitting in the window that are more visible at night, your automated settings can automatically shut at dusk to retain privacy.

Energy Savings

Perhaps you've noticed your heating bills are higher than necessary, especially in the wintertime. Your windows might be the problem; up to 50% of a home's energy can leak through them. Luckily, motorized shades work to naturally cool and warm your home each season, saving you money in the process. We offer shading solutions that will insulate and manage your home's solar heat intake to block or welcome it, depending on your needs and preferences.

UV Protection

The intensity of UV rays can harm your skin, but they can also strain your eyesight when reflected off phones, televisions, and computer screens. Furthermore, UV rays cause your home's furniture, artwork, and flooring to fade quickly. However, it's easy to shield your home décor and your vision from damage with motorized shading. You can adjust them to filter in the perfect amount of natural light to keep your home bright and your eyes protected.

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Maybe you have reservations that automated blinds may sound mechanical or look out of place in your home. We offer a range of stylish shading solutions that operate in near-silence and match your home's décor. Whether you'd like to choose complementary colors or install a simple in-wall touch screen that manages your shades and other automation devices in your home, we have you covered.

Installing motorized blinds is an easy way to raise your home’s value, especially if you place them across the whole home. Whether you’re ready to bring automated shading solutions to your home or you have a few more questions, our team of experts at Innovative Audio Visual is prepared to help you choose the perfect option. Contact us today to get started!