Owning a business means being aware of potential issues you may encounter, including the everyday possibility of crime. You’re already working to manage projects and people, so keeping an eye out for the safety and security of your employees and assets can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, automated home security solutions can watch over your company so you can concentrate on the day-to-day tasks. Here are several things you can do to protect your business with Innovative Audio Visual.

Lock Entry Points

If you’d like to make a low-cost investment for your business’ home security, a high-quality lock is the perfect solution. As a start, it’s important to install deadbolts on your doors and train employees to lock each point of entry, including windows and doors, from within the building during normal business hours when not in use. Smart locks can protect your business from human forgetfulness and are easy to operate through an app on your mobile device, meaning you can always check on your business from any time and any place.

Replace Keys with an Access Control System

Want to eliminate the hassle of creating copies of keys to give to your employees? Installing a tracking entry system for your building will simplify this process greatly by replacing the need for keys with fingerprint or facial feature verification. An access control system will allow you to change user permissions immediately, so new hires can access the building through proximity or biometric reader, and employees who depart from the company can have their permissions revoked. Another benefit of access control systems means you can grant higher-ups exclusive permission to areas with sensitive information or products.

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Install CCTV Cameras

The installation of CCTV surveillance cameras will give you new eyes to see what’s happening on your commercial property, whether it's the exterior or interior of the building. Live video can be fed into your office to provide evidence if a crime occurs, but usually, the mere sight of a security camera is enough to discourage potential intruders from targeting your property. However, having security cameras doesn’t guarantee total protection from criminals, the identification of the perpetrator, nor the return of stolen assets. The improvement of surveillance technology means cameras with motion sensors can record activity when anyone enters your store, warehouse, or workshop during the day or night. You can program your cameras to send you a text notification when any motion is detected, so you can alert the respective authorities at the sight of any suspicious activity.

Shine a Light in Dark Spots

Lighting can do a lot to protect your company from crime. If your property is equipped with exterior lights around the parking lot and building itself, this can prevent loiterers and criminals from participating in shady behaviors. By maintaining your lighting systems regularly, especially near doors, you can also give your employees a sense of safety, even in the darkest hours of the early morning or late evening. You can integrate your lighting with security systems, so when your motion sensors are triggered, floodlights can automatically shine light in any dark spot and lower the chance of a nighttime break-in.

Protect your Digital Data

There’s more to protect than your physical assets, like sensitive digital information. If you own a weak router, criminals can hack into your networks, but you can prevent this by installing the current version of your anti-virus software, and continually updating the system. Some other preventative measures you can take include having a shredder near a printer if office workers need to print documents with sensitive data and educating your employees around the company etiquette of computer usage, e-communication, and customer information. Our last suggestion is to give your Wi-Fi networks complicated, strong passwords, and if you’d like to grant customers or clients Wi-Fi access while they visit your business, set up a separate guest network they can use.

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Install a Security System

If you’d like to truly protect your business, trust a professional company to install a fully integrated security system. Your system will work around the clock to deter nighttime vandalism and daytime theft while you can focus on managing your employees, product, and finances. The installation of an alarm system is a large investment that pays for itself in protecting your business from harm and gives you and your employees peace of mind. Furthermore, it can lower your insurance costs and allow your business to qualify for tax deductions on business tax returns. Whether you'd like a commercial security system with flashing lights in case of alarm, automated lighting scenes at particular time intervals, or the capability to look at camera feeds from your cellphone, we can help you make that happen.

Our team of experts can upgrade your commercial security measures, no matter what kind of building your business uses. If you're wondering about the best solutions for your business, Innovative Audio Visual will help you design and install the perfect security system for your commercial property.